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Container Dimensions

20 ‘DC / 40’ DC
Although in some commercial correspondence this type of container is referred to as "dry van" or "standard", the term "general purpose" is often more appropriate. In accordance with international use, their external dimensions can be fixed in terms of length and width, and their heights can be different. It has two doors and only one of them can be opened outwards. When the door of the container is closed, it has water and airtight feature. The material used in the manufacture of containers is selected considering both the carrying capacity and the volume. Usually steel and aluminum are used. Steel containers have less loading capacity because steel is heavier.

20' Open Top / 40' Open Top
It carries the length and width dimensions of a typical general purpose container, with the only difference that it does not have a "fixed top". It is used in cases where loads that are too long/wide to fit into the container through the door can only be placed from above by cranes or similar vehicles. Mostly machine, marble slabs, aluminum profiles etc. is moved. Open top containers are often used for overflowing loads.
It is tightly covered with a tarpaulin after loading. Its base is slightly thicker due to the transportation of heavy loads and because it falls under the special equipment class, a surcharge is usually added to the freight.

20 ' Flat Rack / 40 ' Flat Rack / 40 ' Closable Flat Rack
It is also sometimes referred to as "flat" for short. This type of container does not have two sides and a top. Sometimes both heads can be dislodged. A lot of surcharge may be added to the freight because the flat container is suitable for loading goods from both sides and from the top. The bottom of the container is very thick.

40 ' High Cube / 45 ' Hig Cube
This type of container is used to transport relatively light but high volume goods. Their height is 30 cm higher than the normal 40' container.

40 ‘ Reefer / 40 ‘ High Cube Reefer / 45 ‘ High Cube Reefer
It is used in the transportation of other cargoes, especially food products, with a cooling unit, which is attached to the container and operated by an electric or diesel engine, with cooling control.