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Freight Forwarder

Who is Freight Forwarder? and What is the position of our company in the sector?
Freight Forwarder; in all types of transportation such as sea, air, land, rail, river, pipeline or combined transportation, intermodal transportation; is an organizing organization that performs shipping, distribution, storage, customs clearance and insurance services, has an active business network and provides turnkey logistics services.
Freight Forwarder is the institution that organizes logistics activities on behalf of the sender (exporter, importer or its representatives) and delivers the goods it receives to the desired point in the most secure way as soon as possible.
For Freight Forwarders in the field of transportation and logistics, UTIKAD in Turkey and FIATA professional organizations in the world create a road map on business ethics, professionalism, entry criteria, business processes, transportation documents and training. He is also an active member of the Marine Working Group, which regulates new rules in the industry and handles complaints.